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Our team of economists analyses the macroeconomic environment which shapes the major business trends that we are facing today. All of our economists had at least obtained an MPhil degree in economics and had relevant research experience for more than 5 years. By providing in-depth analysis with our framework, we help clients to foresee the opportunities and risks ahead, such analysis provides cutting edge insights for firms and individuals to strategically plan ahead of their business scaling, finance, and risk management.



We have been creating influential branding projects with acclaimed strategic design capability and user experience development to assist our clients to enter their target markets and generate growth in revenue. With 7 years of experience in helping world renowned fashion brands, entertainment, corporate clients and celebrities to tailor master creative and design solution, from brand building presentation, online platform development, creative content to world class event planning. Our all rounded branding approach plays a critical role in getting us from the initial idea to a fully developed product and brand experience for you.



Our team of management consultants practically bring ideas to live. The BINGO Consulting methodology enable our team of experienced management consultant to help client smoothly navigate through the recognition-decision-implementation process and deliver measurable results. We are particularly experienced in operation transform and business expansion. By implementing cutting edge technology at efficient cost, we help firms to transform to its next stage without altering the growth of their bottom line.



Our team of finance and accounting experts are experienced in provide cutting edge finance advisory services to both SMEs and startups. Teammates acquire relevant experiences from the big four  accounting firm, financial consulting firm, and unicorn tech startups over the years. Our knowledge provide Asia’s leading and fit-for-purpose solutions for every finance and accounting problems that a startup or SME may encounter.



Our legal team consists of leading practicing lawyers who have been serving various Legal Technology (LegalTech) companies, start-ups, investment banks, private equity funds, venture capitals, governments and other NGOs across Asia, UK and China. Our lawyers provide strategic and innovative legal solutions to clients’ complex business and legal challenges. Over the years, our legal team has received global market recognition including “The Best Lawyer of 2017 Award” and the “The Most Outstanding Dispute Resolution Professional in Asia Pacific 2016”.



Our data analytics team consists of data experts with experience in a wide spectrum of application fields, ranging from financial services sector to behavioural retail use cases. With the help of PhDs and experienced professionals in our team, we combine knowledge from different fields and bring innovations towards problem solving. We are currently diving into emerging technology (EmTech) implementation, financial technology (FinTech) solutions, big data solutions and analysis, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) applications for finance and retail industries. 



Our strategists are experts from a wide range of industries, blended together by our set of BINGO principles to guide the strategic decision making process to achieve optimal outcomes. Our signature track record is to help a construction material supplier to stabilise achieve growth in their revenue. Our strategists analysed their product mix and identified ways to strengthen the exiting revenue contributor as well as acquiring new potential revenue contributor. This client has been experienced consistent revenue growth for upcoming two years after implementing our strategic plan.



Our team of linguists offers a combination of linguistic expertise and dedication to best practices, enabling us to stand ready to provide our clients with a full range of language assistance. Our linguists are led by a lead translator/project manager with immense experience in the fields of finance, e-commerce, trading and marketing, and his team members, made up of well-experienced translators and interpreters, cover all aspects of our daily business needs for most major language pairs. We ensure that our clients always receive the highest quality services, which are tailored to meet their individual needs.



Our Psychologist team is collaborated by clinical and counselling psychologist with more than 10 years experience in the field. The team maintained scientist-practitioner model with a wide range of research and practical experiences. The team provide assessment and intervention which focuses on treatment and prevention. By applying different approaches, we aim at maximising human strength through promotion on mental health. We provide individual counselling, workshop and seminar, which help clients to develop insight on obstacles and to gain personal growth. We also help corporate team in team building, conflict management and team motivation.